Sustainable growth is the key to long-term development.

Quality is our basic commitment and this includes everything related to customers, processes, and environment. To guarantee that our products arrive on time and in good conditions at their destinations, we have a fleet of vehicles and implement an efficient and dynamic logistics network.


With a dynamic distribution network, we reach our customers’ expectations through our specialized sellers who travel all over the country.

Quality Policy
Our quality policy is the normative framework of our daily actions. It guides us to achieve products suitable for each customer in a fast and efficient way.
Management System
Our management system ensures that the processes follow quality policies and this is reflected in the products we deliver. Our pillars are stock capacity + efficient planning.

IFRA – International Fragrance Association


Customer service
We are close to our customers and we meet their needs by applying our knowledge to our processes. We provide innovative technical solutions and a selection of fragrances developed by an experienced team of professionals.
Respect for the environment
We are careful in our processes: we segregate liquid effluents and recycle all possible packaging involved in the production.